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Price List
Prices vary and depend on boat type and size. We build to suit.
Single Stern Thruster Kit
Single stern thruster kit starts at $5,800.
Dual Stern Thruster Kit
Dual stern thruster kit starts at $7,700.
General rule for thruster installations: Boats between 25 and 40 feet require single units. Boats from 40 to 65 feet require dual thrusters. Boats over 65 feet require special consideration and will be engineered based on several criteria before a quote is issued. Custom fabrication and build is available for stern and bow thruster assemblies.
We Also Overhaul and Repair
Please contact us for pricing and availability.
How They Work
Graphic - How They Work Graphic - How They Work
The engine driven pump (1) draws hydraulic fluid from the reservoir (2) and directs pressurized (800 - 1500 psi) fluid to control valve (3).
At the direction of the switch in the helm station control panel (4), fluid is directed to the reversible thrust motor (5) through hose (6) or (7). Fluid then returns via the other hose through valve (3) and filter (8) back to the reservoir.
Note: This schematic is not to scale. It is meant only to
represent graphically how the thruster operates.
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