Picture - Dual Mount
Picture - Tolleycraft with Twin Thrusters
Picture - Trawler with Twin Thrusters
Dual Mount
54' Tolleycraft with Twin Thrusters
52' Trawler with twin Units
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Stern Thrusters
DIckson Stern Thrusters
All crafts from 23 to 100 feet can utilize Dickson Stern Thrusters. For boats up to 40 feet, a single thruster will generate 6 hp (or 118 pounds of thrust). For boats between 41 and 100 feet, twin mounts (shown above) are required and will achieve 12 hp.
Single screws handle like a twin screw and twin screws yield dramatic improvement in maneuverablility.
Most Dickson stern thrusters are installed by boat owners and can be placed while the boat is in the water. The units are transom mounted, requiring no holes below the water line.
The thrusters are placed above and in front of the plane of the hull resulting in no increased water resistance and positioned for protection from underwater objects.
Using the toggle switch control for port and starboard thrust, you will be able to turn your boat a full 360 degrees in its own length.
Maneuvering is easy and docking a breeze! Dickson thrusters - the power rudder - maximize the control you have over your craft with no drag on your boat's hull and no drag on your pocketbook.
Ask the skipper who owns a Dickson stern thruster!
How They Work
Graphic - How They Work Graphic - How They Work
The engine driven pump (1) draws hydraulic fluid from the reservoir (2) and directs pressurized (800 - 1500 psi) fluid to control valve (3).
At the direction of the switch in the helm station control panel (4), fluid is directed to the reversible thrust motor (5) through hose (6) or (7). Fluid then returns via the other hose through valve (3) and filter (8) back to the reservoir.
Note: This schematic is not to scale. It is meant only to represent graphically how the thruster operates.
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More Pictures
Picture - Single Thruster Installation Picture - Single Thruster Installation
Picture - Twin Screw System
32' Grand Bank (installed 1984)
32' Island Gypsy
Twin Screw System
Picture - Thruster Components
Picture - Thruster Placement
Picture - Thruster System Hookup
Stern Thruster Components
10" Below Waterline
12.5 Westerbeke Generator with
Dickson PTO & Load Sensing Pump
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What they say:
"The Dickson stern thruster's performance is excellent and has given me much more confidence in my ability to handle the boat in very tight quarters and/or high winds and currents."
RH Shaw,
Ellington, CT
"I have had such a good time boating ... with a Dickson stern thruster ... all the stress of maneuvering in tight places has vanished ... No problem docking at strange marinas."
D Mullen,
Gibson, DC Canada
"The thruster has boosted my wife's confidence in maneuvering the boat, both in docking and tight situations."
V VanderMost
Pawtucket, RI
"Putting your thrusters on my boat is the best thing I have ever done for the boat and my confidence in operating it."
L Athos,
Santa Cruz, CA
"The stern thruster is a miracle worker. It draws a crowd and provokes comments wherever we dock. NO WAY would I want to do without it!"
DW Pulaski,
Granville, MA