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Fingertip Power Manuevers Your Boat
Dickson Thruster systems comprise hydraulically powered, stern-mounted propellors that are controlled at the helm. With the flick of a switch the skipper can change direction of the stern by providing port or starboard thrust.
Regardless of boat size, Dickson Thruster has a thruster system that provides more docking control and maneuverability than most motor and sail boaters ever dreamed possible.
Dickson thrusters make frustrations associated with docking movement in tight places a thing of the past ... no more embarrassment, damaged hulls, mangled boarding ladders, and crumpled docks!
Operating a Dickson stern thruster couldn't be easier.
Using a toggle system you maintain confident control of your craft with Dickson thrusters and maneuver like a veteran skipper every time. Troublesome wind and pesky currents don't prevent you from enjoying the boating season.
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We Custom-Build Each Thruster
We design and build thrusters to fit each vessel. We assure that each unit will operate consistently with your boat's unique needs.
Your boat is special. Let Dickson Thruster make it more special.
These Tough & Rugged Thrusters Are Constructed of Quality Materials
A sensible and dependable tool for today's performance-minded captain, a Dickson thruster is an intelligent investment. Designed to save space, Dickson thrusters are engineered for sensitive and positive maneuvering, providing years of service in even the most brutal marine environments.
We build our hydraulic motors and propellors with Navy "G" bronze and stainless steel and use 316 stainless steel Parker hoses for motor and JIC fittings, assuring durability in both salt and fresh water.
Dickson Thruster sets the standard for excellence in every product we build and sell.
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What they say:
"The Dickson stern thruster's performance is excellent and has given me much more confidence in my ability to handle the boat in very tight quarters and/or high winds and currents."
RH Shaw,
Ellington, CT
"I have had such a good time boating ... with a Dickson stern thruster ... all the stress of maneuvering in tight places has vanished ... No problem docking at strange marinas."
D Mullen,
Gibson, DC Canada
"The thruster has boosted my wife's confidence in maneuvering the boat, both in docking and tight situations."
V VanderMost
Pawtucket, RI
"Putting your thrusters on my boat is the best thing I have ever done for the boat and my confidence in operating it."
L Athos,
Santa Cruz, CA
"The stern thruster is a miracle worker. It draws a crowd and provokes comments wherever we dock. NO WAY would I want to do without it!"
DW Pulaski,
Granville, MA
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